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摘要: 雅思口语考试最新话题之人物-崇拜的偶像  人物: 崇拜的偶像 Bill Gates  There are so many people in the world, about 8-9 billion.  But the ones that really matter are few.  Bill Gates is one of th ...

  人物: 崇拜的偶像 Bill Gates
  There are so many people in the world, about 8-9 billion.
  But the ones that really matter are few.
  Bill Gates is one of the most important people in the 20th and 21st century.
  I admire him so very much.
  Bill Gates was the former CEO and president of the world’s largest software company, Microsoft. He was also the world’s richest person in the past. He is currently running his charity foundation to help millions of people in need.
  He founded Microsoft and developed the company to the biggest in its industry.
  He and his company changed the way computers work greatly.
  80% of computer users nowadays use windows.
  And our world would be very different without Bill Gates and his company.
  He’s well known for his wealth, for his business skills and also for his technological genius.
  I admire him so much because his achievement is sky-high.
  Yet, he still has time now for his family, so he’s successful both in the company and at home.
  And being a very rich person, he’s very responsible for the community, he and one of his friends, Warren Buffet are giving back to the society through charity.
  And this moves me. That’s why I like him. (204 words)





请大家记住一点,雅思口语的考官和大家一样,都是平常人,尽管他们跟我们拥有者不同的瞳孔和肤色。但考试是他们的工作,你们是他们的customers,他们为考生提供服务。大可不必紧? 张害羞,思维禁锢,眼神游离。考试时一定要注视考官,以示基本的尊重,如果实在觉得看着对方蓝幽幽的双眼说话很不自在,笔者建议可以看着考官的嘴巴说,诸君不妨一试。


很多考生由于过分紧张,导致完全没有听懂考官的问题。这个时候不少经过常规雅思应试训练的考生便本能得开始使用hesitating expressions,表明自己并非没有听懂只是需要时间思考和组织答案。不幸的是,半分钟之后,你仍然带着僵硬的笑容不知所云。


还有部分考生考试前挑灯夜战,熟背答案范文,到考试时惊喜地遇到了“准背”过的话题,于是无比兴奋地将别人答案如数家珍地背出。要知道考官阅人无数,他们完全能分辨出你是在“recite”还是“talk”。雅思口语考试的问题没有正确答案,不要担心你的答案和主流观点不符,也不必担心考官是否认可。 最后,两全其美皇冠hg88688手机版|免费注册城祝所有考生一次顺利通关!


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